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GML book cover Global Moments in the Levant - a Unifob Research Project, Bergen, Bric, 2009.

This is the end report of the Global Moments' project summarising all the research components. It is edited by Leif Manger and Øystein LaBianca, with individual contributions from all the researchers.

The Global Moments in the Levant research programme seeks to delineate what the salient theoretical and methodological implications are of the fundamental methodological assumption that the insights derived from historical and archaeological study of the past are relevant for understanding the present situation in the region and that, in turn, the findings of ethnographic studies carried out in the present have relevance not only for today, but also for understanding the past.

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 Interpreting Welfare and relief in the Middle East, Nefissa Naguib and Inger Marie Okkenhaug (eds), Leiden, Brill, 2007.

Based on different problematic and methodological perspectives and new sources, this book’s contributions lie in the close study of welfare beyond the religious divides, codifications and indoctrinations. The time span – from 1850 to the present day - represents moments of colonisations, occupations, wars and conflicts which resulted in un-met needs and broken down institutions.

What are the stories behind health care, schools, orphanages and vocational schools, maternity homes and hostels? The collection of chapters examine different involvements in welfare activities not only as contextualised in stable communities and nations, but also as they emerge in vulnerable states and disintegrating societies. Furthermore, this volume brings forth the historical and contemporary voices of those who provide relief and the beneficiaries of such efforts. At the core of this book are themes concerned with humanitarianism in relation to people’s unique experiences, state and non-governmental organisations, gender and modernity.

Albright Award to Dr. Bert DeVries

 On Friday 16 November Bert deVries was awarded the Albright Award by the American Schools of Oriental Research at their annual meeting.
The citation reads as follows:

"The W. F. Albright Award honors an individual who has shown special support or made outstanding service contributions to one of the overseas centers ACOR, AIAR, CAARI, or to one of the overseas committees - the Baghdad committee and the Damascus committee.

It is most fitting that this award be given to Bert DeVries in recognition of his years of dedication to the American Center for Oriental Research and to furthering the development of archaeology in Jordan.  In addition to his excellent work directing several significant archaeological projects, Bert served as the Director of ACOR during one of the most significant periods in the institution’s history and he continues to support projects of vital importance to the Center. Most recently, he devoted his time, energy and resources to ACOR’s successful “Crossing Jordan” conference in Washington, DC held this past spring".
The Hålands Receive Prestigious Award

 Professor Gunnar and Randi Håland receive prestigious research award from the Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture. The award is distributed as a reward for brilliant research within the comparative research in human culture for a periode of five years. Professor Gunnar and Randi Håland receives this award for the periode 2006 - 2010.

The Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, founded in 1922, is an independent research institution sponsoring research in the areas of comparative linguistics, folklore, religion, ethnology, archaeology and ethnography.

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